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I have been a Professional Hunter for close on 30 years, having applied my trade successfully in gaining hard earned knowledge and experience of hunting a large variety of Africa's Big Game species in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.


A Life Time In Africa and Still In The Game
We look forward to sharing your African safari with you.




My passion for Africa and it's game reserves, people and wildlife runs deep, and because of this love of the outdoors I have made it my business over the years to explore and hunt many different areas, so as to gain first hand knowledge of where the best hunting concessions are. This experience has been beneficial in helping me advise and assist my clients in the planning of their safaris, so that they can reap the maximum rewards of a more memorable overall safari experience and adventure. MARK DEWET SAFARIS is a personalized safari company, and we pride ourselves in offering excellent service and sporting fair chase hunting. We contract and lease hunting rights in some of the best hunting areas in Africa today, and my decision - early in my career - to be more of a “journeyman “ type PH ( as opposed to being tied down to one company or area ) has proved to be very successful over time to both me and my clients in the quest for top class trophies!


I am fully aware that today's modern sports hunter is spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting which Outfitter or Professional Hunter to put their hard earned money and trust in – and one can become over-whelmed with fancy websites, brochures and clichéd marketing strategies making unrealistic promises – therefore my philosophy is simple – we will supply you with honest and reliable information – go the extra mile - and under promise and over deliver! So whether you are a first timer to Africa, or have taken multiple safaris to the “ Dark Continent ” I am confident that we can meet your expectations.


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Mark DeWet Safaris - Africa
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